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The Truth Behind Jesus Med

“The biggest story of the last 2000 years was mostly made up. But the real truth behind the story is even more amazing, inspiring and mind blowing!!!”

~ Sandeep Goel

One of the biggest stories the world has seen in the last 2000 years is that of “Jesus”. Have you wondered if the story as told the world is based on facts? Or did the early church make up most of the story as we know it today?

Our speaker Sandeep from Krmel has spent 28 years researching to find the truth behind this story. What he uncovered is immensely more amazing and inspiring than what we commonly believe about the man we call “Jesus”.

As inspiring as “Jesus” was, our speaker found that the real life high spiritual master that actually lived in human form over a 100 years before the modern Bible was written/compiled by
men to craft the story of “Jesus”, the real master was an amazing teacher. Our speaker loves this master teacher and wants to share his real stories. Stories that are very likely to inspire you beyond belief on your own journey of growth and self mastery. This is an amazing sharing about “Jesus” that speaks to Christians and non-christians alike.

Select Your Inspirators VERY Consciously

Choose Those You Allow to Inspire You, Carefully.

“For, Your Inspirator Choices Determine If, How, Where and When You Grow in Your Own Evolution. Or NOT.”
~ Sandeep Goel

And our speaker has searched far and wide, and found that the real master that the “Jesus” story is based on, IS one of the most awesome inspirators. And feels that it is wise not to throw the baby with the bath water; just because the early church co-opted the life, story, work and teachings of this great master - who was a real human being like you and me - does not mean we need to discard the opportunity to learn from this master behind the “Jesus” story.

Your Host

This Talk will be hosted by Sandeep Goel of the Krmel Mystery School.

Sandeep, founder of Krmel is finishing up his book “13 Secrets of Conscious Manifestation,” expected in 2014.

Sandeep grew up in India and America. He has been on a life long quest and study in many spiritual lineages from around the world. He has been studying cosmology for 28 years now and has been connecting the dots on teachings from around the world from ages recent and past, different cultures and languaging, as it relates to earth humanity and our collective journey. He is a scientist/engineer by training who continuously strives to integrate and bridge his work in science, engineering, rational thought, spirituality, science of creation, architecture of the universe and cosmos, science of the soul, manifestation, wisdom teachings of living and ascended masters - specially the Atlantian, Egyptian, Druid, Essene and Christian lineages. Sandeep is not religious, but studies every spiritual lineage.


This lecture is hosted by
co-luminate, an events space in Asheville, NC on March 8th, Saturday from 1-4 PM

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