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Krmel School for Self Mastery

Self Mastery:

Self Mastery begins with the remembrance of who we are. Who we really really are…. every human incarnated on the planet, you and I, are aspects of One Eternal Pulsing Creation energy. We are essentially all cells in the same body of life. The body of Source. The Creator/ix. We are both dependent and independent, creating and being created simultaneously.

Coded within our Spirit and DNA are the gifts, teachings, and pure presence of lifetimes of truths experienced in the soul's journey of approaching love from every possible angle ever

The journey of life.

The journey home.

In essence, within each one of us lies the blueprint of creation in perfection, the treasure map ‘Home”.

Why Self Mastery?

The human experience, yours and mine, was created as a Rite of Passage, an Initiation experience for the Soul.

Although we are all aspects of the One, we are also individuals endowed with free will. Each of us is in charge of our own liberation…our own process of awakening to realize that we are co.creators of the shared dream of humanity; and Creation.

You and I, and everyone alive on the planet today, are capable of creating a shared dream that positively supports our creations and the creations of others. In turn, we are also capable of creating a shared dream that perpetuates the false ideas of scarcity, greed, hatred, and fear. Each one of us, through our Being, our decisions and action choices contributes to the experience of the whole.

So, simply put, one of the primary challenges of incarnation is to balance polarities.

It’s like integrating what we know, or feel is true at an eternal level, with what we see unfolding in the dream of humanity called “human life.”

For example we know that all events taking place on the planet today are happening for the sole purpose of assisting all of humanity, all sentient beings, to awaken to the truth that we are One Energy of Divine Love. However, many of the events unfolding do not seem motivated by love.

How can it be so that they are unfolding to bring us to love?
How can we be aspects of One energy yet create war and division?
How can God live within each one of us as love, when we often find it challenging to access love?

The answer lives within each One of us.

Because we are all aspects of One Creation Energy manifesting in endless forms and experiences, each personal experience we create effects the consciousness of every one else…the ‘Collective Consciousness’.

When one person on the planet creates an experience of healing, awakening, or remembering their true potential, all other beings are positively effected whether they are conscious of this truth or not.

Walking the path of Self Mastery is a generous gift to everything and everyone. As well as, again, because we are all Free Will Beings, we are also responsible for our own liberation.

The path of Self Mastery is really what we’re here to do. Whether we admit it or not, know it or not, there is really nothing else going on.

How Do We Create Self Mastery?

The Krmel School for Self Mastery assists Beings in awakening, by providing the volumes of core teachings available from others who have attained Mastery before us, and who are involved in their own process right now, perhaps a few steps ahead of us. And each of us on the path shares the best gems we each uncover.

As well, we utilize the present day channels available to all of us, to receive guidance from the Angelic Realms, The Ascended Master Realms, and all Realms of Higher Consciousness aligned with the Positive Evolution of Creation.

Leaning into the core truth that We Are All Masters, we also share wisdom from our own journeys, our personal experiences of awakening in big and small ways.

We honor and access the ‘group mind’, the power of inspiration, co.creation and shared information, to generate positive environments in which learning and growing are accelerated and acknowledged.

Krmel School for Self Mastery Offers Simple Yet Effective Tools For:

  • Creating a daily spiritual practice
  • Grounding
  • Connecting to inner Source knowing
  • Strengthening intuition
  • Creating through aligned intention
  • Working with vibration to co.create reality
  • Healing with sound
  • Healing with intention
  • Healing with visualization
  • Integrating all aspects of our being
  • Co.creating without losing your space
  • Connecting with your Guides
  • Co.Creating with your Guides
  • Channeling direct knowing
  • Communicating with the unseen realms
  • Activating your Higher Self
  • Awakening your Christ consciousness
  • Daily spiritual technology
  • Conscious manifestation technology
  • Sex magic practices
  • Conscious conception
  • Sentient birth
  • Conscious parenting
  • Sustainable family foundations

We Share These Tools Above Via:

  • TeleCall Classes
  • Workshops & Playshops
  • Retreats
  • Personal Coaching
  • Spirit® Coaching
  • Karmic Soul Readings
  • Intuitive Readings and Healings
  • Water Body Healings
  • "We All Are Masters" multi-volume book series currently in preparation (coming Fall Equinox 2011)
  • Local Practice Circles such as the 1000 Sisterhood Circles beings Initiated Globally Now

We have an exciting body of wisdom teachings and a wonderful, joyful, diverse set of tools ready to unveil and bring to our Brothers and Sisters over the next 2 years through 2012 on Earth.. Please stay tuned to the Krmel Offerings page and signup for our Newsletter to stay informed.