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A Message to Our Essene Brothers and Sisters

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Essania,


We the Krmel Team send this message to our Brothers and Sisters of the Light on all planes. Living here on Earth and in the spirit realms. You know who you are.

Many of us incarnate beings involved in the creation of this new Krmel believe that we were students and teachers at the ancient beloved Mount Karmel Mystery School on Mount Karmel, in multiple previous lives. Most of us have been, and are being guided by our beloved Ascended Masters that were associated with the ancient Karmel. Masters that we all love and hold so very dear in our hearts and souls.

Many of us in the Krmel Team have had the calling in our hearts for years, a knowing, that we are here to re-bring the highly effective teachings of our Brothers of Essania, the Brothers of Heliopolis, the Brothers and Sisters of the Order of Magdalene and the Temples of Isis from the Land of the Red Earth, Khemu-Amenti (Egypt), our Druid families in ancient Avalon and Gaul, the Order of Melchizedek, the beloved Ancient Ones - the Kaloo of the land of Atl (Atlantis), and the beloved Seven Mighty Elohim Creators. We feel a deep calling to rebirth these teachings, update them for our current transition times of incredible awakening, to assist humanity in this ascension process.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Essania, the Krmel's earthly team is aware that we are not Ascended or Christed masters, yet. But we know that we are all masters in the making. Everyone of us. Each of us is dedicated to walking our own highest divine path in that direction. We are students. And we feel great humility in the company of our esteemed beloved family of light and the ascended Masters that are assisting us and teaching us. So, we humbly wish to share our own awakening journey with our brothers and sisters of Earth in this time. Share our own process of re-awakening. Share the gems and effective appropriate knowledge, wisdom teachings and practices in the hope that it may lessen the burden of a few in their own process of growth. In their own process of realizing that each of us is fully divine. That we are all one.

Essenes copy
We ask for your blessings and support in this re-birthing of our beloved Karmel as the new Krmel. We have already prayed and asked for permission and blessings of the Ascended Masters, our Spirit family, and from all of our Essene family on the inner planes. We would never presume that we have the right or privilege to re-birth this new Krmel or use this beloved sacred name, or to share some of our sacred and protected ancient teachings without blessings from you. Dear Ones, so this letter is to ask you also on the physical plane. Please give us your permission and blessings. Dear ones, we also invite you to come join us, if you wish to bring forth any gifts of wisdom or teachings for the world today.

We acknowledge that those who hold the ancient Karmel dear in their hearts may have feelings and questions emerge regarding this rebirthing of Karmel. We ask you to go into your hearts and feel in deeper and ask for divine guidance. We hope that you will see that our hearts are pure, and our intentions for the highest good of All. And we sincerely hope that you will bless this ad.venture with your whole hearts and blessings.

The Krmel Team understands that one of the primary goals for Krmel is to be a support organization to assist our Brothers and Sisters in any manner we can, to help them bring forth their gifts to humanity. Please contact us in private and we will always do all we can, to support you and your work through Krmel. In great part, we are re-birthing Krmel for us all to gather and love and support each other again. The time is NOW. We are HERE.

So we begin this new Krmel in a small humble way. The Team here does not have any special answers; but we believe that we ALL have access to everything within ourselves. But we are dedicated to higher consciousness for us all on Earth; and hope to help others as we do our own work.

We send great gratitude to our family of light, the living Masters and the Ascended Masters for the blessings we have received and continue to receive. And the opportunity to serve each other in Love.

In sincere humble gratitude and prayers,
The Krmel Team