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What Does the Krmel Logo Symbolize?


The Krmel Logo is very multi-dimensional.

The "M" symbolizes the Mystery School, the gateway to the temple of our soul (higher self). It is the doorway to the Mysteries of Soul and Spirit and the Divine.

The bottom flame above the M is the unawakened Kundalini potential of all human beings.

After One enters the doorways of Krmel, and Self/Soul in your inner planes, One finds the secrets to awakening which is shown by the rising left and right channels and awakening of the Crown Chakra at the top with the top flame; thus opening One’s Self to the higher realms and dimensions of the spiritual world; with connectivity to One's Higher Self/Soul and Christ Self (Monad/Divine Self/I AM presence); which is one with ALL.

Thus, Krmel Supports us to realize fully that we are ALL Divine and we are ALL One.