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Current Offerings

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Krmel Mystery School Curriculum

The Krmel Team is planning to bring forth a diverse set of teachings from many lineages as each of the Krmel Schools brings forth many offerings going forward. We are inviting and bringing additional teachers, masters in their fields in many of the areas. So, please stay tuned to new announcements as we go forward.

We are developing offerings for all levels of seekers - from new initiates on the spiritual path to advanced adepts dedicated to their conscious ascension process. As well, the length and format of our Offerings is being designed for differing needs and tastes: Self Study, TeleCall Series, Audio, Video, Book, Workbook, Study & Practice Circles, Gatherings, and in the future perhaps on-campus offerings as well.

We invite you to explore the curriculum areas of our teachings below:

An Overview of the Teachings Being Offered by Various Krmel Schools

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Krmel School for Self Mastery

Krmel School for Self Mastery

“Know Thyself”… Self Mastery begins within. The Krmel School of Self Mastery is dedicated to supporting each soul's journey of awakening to the truth that, "We Are All Masters". In the making.

We recognize that every human holds a unique and relevant thread in the tapestry of creation, and that in truth, we have incarnated for the purpose of remembering our own divinity and assisting others in awakening to theirs. We are all powerful creators in the process (hopefully) of dissolving our self imposed limits. You and I, and everyone alive on the planet today, are capable of creating a shared dream that positively supports our creations, and the creations of others. We at Krmel would very much like to contribute to personal and planetary awakening of higher consciousness for the purpose of harmonious being.
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Although we are all aspects of the One, we are also individuals endowed with free will. Each of us is in charge of our own liberation…our own process of waking up to realize that we are co.creators of the shared dream of humanity. Each time a single individual creates an act of healing, or greater awakening, the collective consciousness is benefited in positive and affirming ways, as well, the opposite is true.

Self Mastery is a generous gift to humanity. The Krmel School of Self Mastery offers simple yet potent tools to integrate self mastery into your every day life. Drawing from the volumes of core teachings available from others who have attained Mastery before us, we highlight and model the power of each individual to access and create from deepest aligned knowing. As the Masters have said to us repeatedly - each of us has been given a sacred space ship. And we are here to learn to sit in the captain's chair and consciously captain our own ship.

Krmel School for Self Mastery Courses Explore the Following Areas:
  • Creating a Daily Practice
  • Grounding
  • Connecting to Inner Source Knowing
  • Strengthening Intuition
  • Creating Through Aligned Intention
  • Working with Vibration to Co.Create Reality
  • Healing with Sound
  • Healing with Intention
  • Healing with Visualization
  • Integrating all Aspects of our Being
  • Co.Creating without Losing your Space
  • Connecting with your Guides
  • Co.Creating with your Guides
  • Channeling
  • Communicating with the unseen realms
  • Activating your Higher Self
  • Awakening your Christ Consciousness
  • Daily Spiritual Technology
  • Conscious Conception
  • Sentient Birth
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Sustainable Family Foundations

Krmel School for Women's Mysteries

Krmel School for Women's Mysteries

Krmel School for Women's Mysteries focus is to help heighten the self-esteem among women and the feminine collective by raising their energy through practices involving the mind, body and spirit. Using Eastern mystical practices and Western transformation and empowerment techniques, women can revitalize and balance their sex, spirit and inner-strength energies, so that they can truly love and appreciate their magnificence, and become beacons of positive energy in the world.

We understand that at this time in our personal and planetary evolution, Divine Feminine Energies are being intentionally reseeded on the planet to return balance and harmonious relating to the whole of creation. Women, fully awake in their power, presence, and pleasure are an integral contribution to the healing of our current imbalances.

The Krmel acknowledges the dance between the feminine and masculine, on energetic and earthly levels, and offers insights, technologies and support for each of our own journey to wholeness. We supply a narrative that explains the current dimness of feminine light on the planet, and offers healing practices and philosophies that refuel and reignite the feminine spirit. Sisterhood circles, for example, offers a space for women to commune, which becomes an epicenter of potent feminine energy that is infused into the energy of the planet. By practicing this ancient practice in a contemporary world, we are empowered to bring harmony and balance to the planet.

The practices and philosophies supplied by The Krmel span from ancient to futuristic, with concepts and meditations that aspire to resonate with the deep inner wisdom and of the Divine Feminine in all women.

Krmel School of Women’s Mysteries Coursework and Curriculum Address :

  • Creating a daily practice
  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Aligning with Source Energy
  • Chakra Awareness
  • Our Energetic Bank Account
  • Meditations to Inspire and Empower
  • Social Programming around Femininity
  • Divine Feminine in Leadership
  • A New Paradigm of Mothering
  • Healing our Matriarchal Lineage
  • Tantra and the Ancient Practices from the Schools of Isis
  • Sex Magic Practices for Conscious Creation
  • Balanced Masculine and Feminine Creation

Krmel School for Sentient Birth

Krmel School of Sentient Birth

Sentient Birth is a healing edge approach to conception, pregnancy, birth and life. The Krmel School of Sentient Birth program acknowledges that Birth is a Sacred Rite of Passage. From the foundation of Self Mastery, we explore this potent life transition from the inside out. Women and Men are encouraged and supported to utilize their personal and mutual pregnancy experiences for the purpose of ‘bigger picture’ growth work, and soul evolution.

Sentient Birth empowers couples. Women are acknowledged as intuitively alive and in charge of their own experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth. Men develop their inner knowing, supporting their partners, while claiming their own pregnancy experience at an intimate level. Men discover what support is necessary on their journey and shown how to become empowered to create it. Couples explore and dissolve predominant social archetypes and programing by learning and applying spiritual concepts and tools which allow them to make important life decisions from their ‘Higher Self’ perspective.

Sentient Birth acknowledges the capacity of unborn children to communicate their needs. We offer meditations and practices for strengthening parent's intuitive confidence. Soul contracts are addressed and aligned through intention.
Families are educated and empowered to create Sentient Birth environments which give children a loving, natural, and healing first experience of life.

School of Sentient Birth Offerings Usually Cover The Following Areas:

  • Recognizing self and partner as powerful creators.
  • Dialoging authentically about expectations, fears, needs and concerns.
  • Talking openly about how sex will shift and change; and what that means to the partnership.
  • Discovering what will be essential to cultivate as a foundation that can withstand the transformations ahead.
  • Exploring the archetypes that create unconscious expectations for women and men becoming parents in our culture.
  • Realizing what worked and didn’t work in the way we were parented.
  • Learning how your experience of being born can impact your experience of giving birth.
  • Consciously dialoguing with your unborn baby to give and receive insight, healing, directives and support.
  • Hearing from other couples who’ve recently birthed about what has been challenging and how they’ve succeeded.
  • Learning about and honoring the unique soul purpose of your child.
  • Asking for and receiving support from personal guides, angelic beings, and Ascended Masters.
  • Developing a daily self practice that supports your spiritual growth.
  • Acknowledging grief as a healthy part of pregnancy.
  • Grieving the loss of your life and relationship as you once knew it.
  • Celebrating the prosperity and potential that arrives with a new child.
  • Creating a Ritual to honor the pregnancy journey as a Sacred Rite of Passage

Krmel School for Sacred Relationship

Krmel School of Sacred Relationship

How we approach relationship weaves the fabric of our existence. All of life is in relationship; inter-connected and inter-dependent. Krmel School of Sacred Relationship inspires awakening around how to approach and hold all relations in honor and balance.

Sacred Relationship, in truth, begins within. In a culture where few models of healthy relating exist it is important to recognize that the Healthy Masculine and Healthy Feminine energies have been corrupted from the original creation matrix blueprint of true Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine relating harmoniously; within and without. This is all about the balance of all polarities - East/West, Light/Dark, Yin/Yang, Mental/Feelings, Objective/Subjective, etc.

Without an accurate reference point for balanced and whole relating we create less than optimal situations and ways of being with ourselves and one another. This is apparent all around us. Countries are fighting one another, divorce rates are consistently on the rise, parent child relations breaking down, and even our own self speak often reflects this loss of balance in our masculine and feminine energies.

The good news is that harmony and balance are in truth our natural state of being. We’ve simply been distracted for millennia.

By assessing what has been given to us un-truthfully through the media and predominant culture, we can begin to dissolve outdated paradigms; and go into the truth of our innate connection and cooperation with creation.

The Krmel School of Sacred Relationship is a natural result of the path of Self Mastery. By encouraging each person's inner alignment and Source connection, creation begins to unfold relationships which are in alignment with our inner values and soul knowings. The School of Sacred Relationship's intention is to assist all to understand how belief systems based on in-accurate information are interrupting the pathway of Sacred Relating. As we discover our own ability to shift old beliefs in the face of new and aligned ways of creating and relating, we begin a sincere discovery of what balance and harmony truly mean.

Krmel School of Sacred Relationship Explores:

  • How Current Beliefs relate to Current Creations and State of Affairs
  • 13 tools to creating a Sacred Relationship (channeled information from We Are All Masters sessions with the Masters)
  • Misinformation from the Media in regard to Sexuality, Image, Self Worth
  • Divine Masculine in Healthy Re-Emergence
  • Divine Feminine in Healthy Re-Emergence
  • How are upbringing affects our current relationships
  • What messages did we get about ‘what love is’ growing up
  • A deeper understanding of What is Sacred Relationship?
  • Spiritual Practices that strengthen our Sacred Relationship with ourselves
  • The Five Core Values that assist us in mastering our selves; a necessary step for gaining strength
  • Sacred Relationship as the Foundry for Soul-ular Purification and Growth
  • Choosing Sacred Relationship as One's Primary Spiritual Path
  • And many other wonderful wisdom teachings the Masters have been providing on this subject

Krmel School for Water (Coming Soon)

Krmel School for Water (Coming Soon)

Krmel School for Creation & Manifestation (Coming Soon)

Krmel School for Creation & Manifestation (Coming Soon)

Krmel School for Children (Coming Soon)

Krmel School for Children (Coming Soon)