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Krmel is an Ancient Modern Mystery School; a Non-Religious School for Spiritual Development.

Krmel Brings Practical & Proven, Ancient and Modern Teachings To:
  • Support each participant in awakening to their highest potential in this life, as a soul and as an incarnate human being
  • Advance our consciousness from the 3D level to the coming 4D/5D and higher levels
  • Integrate spirituality into every aspect of our lives; leading to success in our life choices
  • CoCreate Community of kindred spirits to support each other through practice; for fun and Joy.full rapid advancement

Krmel Story

Krmel was re-born on Spring Equinox, March 20th, 2011 at 4:21 P.M. PST., with a small and humble beginning. (Krmel is pronounced as “Caar-mel”, but is written with the “K” without the “a” to represent the sacred sound codings of the ancient beloved Krmel mystery school. Click here for the Krmel Logo story.)

Our world is going through a great transformation and transition. Earth is in the process of balancing and integrating many polarities. The masculine and the feminine. The light and the dark. The mind and the heart. The East and the West. For, all polarities are two sides of the same coin; and must be integrated and balanced in this ascension process. Within each of our Selves; and without - in the outer world we have collectively created.

Krmel is inspired by teachings of the Ascended Masters, and Living Masters; teachers among us on Earth right now,
you and me. It is being re-incarnated to inspire each of us to recognize the divinity within our selves. To teach us how to walk our highest divine path right here, right now, on Earth. Integrating our Soul and Spirit aspects with the very real earthly incarnate aspect, our physical world lives, in balance and harmony.

The Ancient Karmel was one of the greatest mystery schools in ancient times existing around 2500 to 2000 years ago, on Mount Karmel, during the times of Yeshua ben Joseph and Mary Magdalena. In fact, Jesus, Mary Magdalena, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna, Mother Mary’s mother, were all students, teachers and residents of the Ancient Karmel at various times of their lives.

The Ancient Karmel was a community dedicated to the study, integration and practice of wisdom teachings from all around the planet and from times ranging from ancient Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, India, Gaul (France), Avalon (British Isles) and others.

The new Krmel is non-religious, secular and dedicated to embracing, integration, study, practice and dissemination of effective knowledge and practices sourced from all lineages on Earth, modern and ancient, that are age appropriate for our times. We are dedicated to assisting all of us towards ascension. “Ascension” means many things to many people. Technically speaking ascension is a concept that says that humans can enter heaven, or create heaven right here on earth, without dying. We believe that we as creators, are responsible for creating ALL of our reality in our lives and our world. So, it is up to us to create “heaven” or highly desirable conditions in our lives and our world; or vice versa. The choice is Ours.

Krmel Holds Special Respect for the Teachings from the Following Lineages :
  • The Essenes (Middle-east, Egypt, Gaul, Avalon-Brittany and India)
  • The Brothers from Heliopolis and the Order of Magdalenes (Khemu-Amenti or Egypt)
  • The Hathors and the Temples of Isis (Egypt)
  • Druid Elders (Avalon and Gaul)
  • Mahaavtaar Babaji and Yogananada (India)
  • The timeless Order of Melchizedek (Everywhere)
  • The beloved Ancient Ones - the Kaloo (Land of Atl or Atlantis)
  • The Naacaal Mystery School (Ancient Mu or Lemuria)
  • Ascended Masters, The White Brotherhood and the Angelic Realm
  • And Of Course, Many Brilliant Masters & Teachers Alive Today - Ourselves

WE ARE ALL MASTERS. (In the making).

We feel a deep calling to rebirth these teachings, update them for our current transition times of incredible awakening and to assist humanity in this transition process.

Our Vision

The model for Krmel are the ancient Essene, Druid, Egyptian, Indian, Atlantian and Lemurian Mystery Schools. To create the highest possible conscious environment for each adult and child to walk their highest divine path in our ascension journey back to Source.

We begin the new Krmel in a small humble way. The
initial team and our offerings today are just the beginning.

We are in the process of bringing in many teachers and masters to create the various Schools at Krmel. Each School will focus on an area that the Krmel Team, based on the guidance of the Masters, feels a critical need for higher consciousness teachings, tools and offerings on Earth.

Krmel is Currently Developing Offerings in these Areas of Need:

Krmel School for Self Mastery
- Tools for self mastery, self responsibility, inner divinity, spiritual/ascension practices
Krmel School for Women's Mysteries
- Reseeding Divine Healthy Feminine for women; and men
Krmel School for Sentient Birth
- Conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and child raising
Krmel School for Sacred Relationship
- Balancing of polarities, divine feminine, divine masculine, sacred relationship
Krmel School for Water
- Healing of planetary water; water as medicine; water as healer
Krmel School for Creation & Manifestation
- Secrets of conscious creation, manifestation, abundance; trust & beliefs
Krmel School for Children
- A focus on transforming children’s education into a wholistic form

Krmel is beginning with
offerings online via the internet, audio, video, writings, books, newsletters, online/tele/live courses, gatherings and tele/live circles. Our Vision includes the birthing of land based schools/communities and teaching centers over the next few years; as per Divine Will.

We Invite You to
Come Join Us. As Teachers, Students, Peers, Lightworkers, Practice Groups, Supporters, Masters in the Making.

Love. No Matter What.
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The Krmel Team