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Krmel Team's Story with the Masters...

The inspiration for re-birthing our beloved ancient Mount Karmel Mystery School into the new Krmel Mystery School came from guidance received by the earthly Krmel Team from a number of Ascended Masters over the last few years.

So Who are the Ascended Masters?

As our dear friends at the
Children of the Sun Foundation aptly described, the "Ascended Masters were actual beings who incarnated upon the Earth as human souls. They raised their consciousness into the pure oneness with God and their physical body became immortal, divine light. They were able to "step through" from the physical plane to a lighter dimension of life, either taking their body with them or going through the transition of the death experience. The Ascended Masters serve humanity from a higher dimension and many of them are merging their consciousness with ours in which to assist our own ascension from duality."
As part of the individual spiritual growth journeys that each of the Krmel Team undertook, unbeknownst to each other over a number of years, we were all being guided by the same Ascended Masters during that time. When we came together after hearing the repeated guidance to start gathering and to "write 2 books" on ancient wisdom teachings together, we finally came together in September 2010 with nary an idea of what was to unfold.

As soon as we settled in to work on the "2 books", five Ascended Masters came in and gave us almost 28 hours of wisdom teachings on various topics. Almost 250 pages in one week were received by the Krmel Team.

The Masters that came in at the 1st retreat were:
Master Sanat Kumara
Master Sananda (Yeshua ben Joseph or Jesus)
Master Mary Magdalena
Master Saint Germain, and
Master Serapis Bay

Additional Masters that came in at the 2nd retreat were:
Master Lady Nada
Goddess Isis
Master Kathumi
Master Mother Mary, and
Master Mariam

The resulting wisdom teachings that were received are now being prepared by the Krmel Team to be shared with our Brothers and Sisters, expected to be released starting on Spring Equinox 2012 as the multi-volume Book Series, now being called "We Are All Masters" with seven volumes planned currently.

While the earthly Krmel team has been working with these and many other beings of Light and masters on the inner planes, significant guidance for the birthing of the new Krmel has come from Grandmother Anna - birth mother of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalena, Brother Yeshua, Serapis Bay, Mother Mary and Archangel Metatron.

We are blessed and Thank the Masters and all our Spirit Family from the depths of our hearts to be given this opportunity for growth and be invited to serve in this co.creation. A creation that moves each of us along on our own rapid spiritual growth. And we hope that the sharing of this highly effective process with the greater world will help inspire and support a few others along on their spiritual-earth journey.

Discernment & Skepticism:
We realize that many readers may not be very familiar with ascended masters and beings from other realms. We ourselves at different times in our lives have had the same questions, doubts and skepticism. We encourage you to always find your own truth by feeling into your own heart, mind and gut. Developing a healthy discernment is one of the great necessary steps on the spiritual path for each of us. Those of us who have had direct experiences with the Masters and have received real tangible blessings and witnessed the so called "miracles" with our eyes and in our own lives, cannot deny their existence or their love for Earth and Humanity. We encourage you to ask questions, research, meditate and feel your own TRUTH. Be yourself. For no one else is more qualified.

We believe in receiving the guidance, testing it with our own intelligence, mind and heart; and checking it for efficacy in our current lives now. If we find it to be useful and in alignment with our own wisdom, then we use it, and are willing to share it. If any part of us does not feel right, we simply let it go.