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Krmel School For Women’s Mysteries Announces 1st Global Initiative


Why Sisterhood Circles? a short slide presentation...

Birthing 1000 Sisterhood Circles Globally By Spring Equinox 2012

The Krmel Mystery School would like to invite you to participate in our First Global Initiative - Birthing 1000 Sisterhood Circles by Spring Equinox 2012. Krmel is inspiring these circles in response to a channeled invitation received by the Krmel Team in September 2010 from Ascended Master Mary Magdalene.


We are committed to inspire and support the creation of 1000 New Sisterhood Circles to be gathering all over the planet by Spring Equinox 2012.


Mary Magdalena is passionately leading the reintegration of the divine feminine energies on our planet and reawakening the goddess; a big component of which is the reestablishment of the sisterhood. Why Sisterhood Circles? a short slide presentation...

At this time in our collective human evolution both the masculine and the feminine, as it is manifested on the planet, are corrupted versions of the original blueprints of what the healthy masculine and the healthy feminine was designed to be. Over time, the ideal creation matrix codes for the "masculine" and the "feminine" have become less than their full potential.

In the interest of assisting the collective ascension process, one of the first projects Krmel is focussing on is the reseeding and the anchoring of the healthy masculine and healthy feminine; especially the healthy, divine feminine energies, for they have been systematically suppressed during the past few millennia.

By its very nature, the ascension process requires the balancing of the male and the female energies, the polarities; not just the male or the female, but all polarities within our beings, within our soul's evolutionary path. It is in fact the complete recognition, integration, and balancing that is required to create the balanced whole that is necessary for personal and planetary ascension.

Women and Sisters of all ages, we are calling to your deepest longings, inviting you to join with us to facilitate sister circles all over the planet. We invite you to begin a circle in your area with five, ten, or twenty of your sisters.


"Our mission is to empower the continuum of deep divine feminine energy and wisdom in each One of us. We create a sphere of connection, support, guidance, practices and creativity for personal and planetary evolution."

A group of 5 women, all involved in the bringing forward of Krmel, have long been dedicated to discovering the great benefits that arise when we circle sisters and move beyond the tired paradigm of competition, jealousy, and lack consciousness, into the truth of equality, unity, and shared strength.

We circle with the intention of discovering how to support ourselves and you in creating the wellspring of inspiration and activation that will enable us, together, to form 1000 New Sisterhood Circles by March 2012.

Our Sisterhood Circle Guidelines:
  • Create an intentional container
  • Communicate clearly our intentions and offerings
  • Explore and bring forth our most authentic offerings to the group
  • Encourage joy

Krmel’s Offerings for the Circle Leaders:
  • Bi-weekly conference calls to support leaders with tools, inspirations and practices that you can bring to your Circles
  • An online Sister Networking Forum for the purpose of weaving a tapestry of Sisterhood Circles, celebrating our progress and successes and expressing our needs
  • A Start-Up Packet that will help you to create a container by offering our mission statement, guidelines and a series of questions that will help your Circle to uncover how to best support and serve one another

So it is with this in mind, and heart, that we inquire:
What is it that you feel passionate about gathering with other women around?
What crucial and unique gifts do you have to offer?
What do you need in terms of encouragement and support?

How can we support you?
We look forward to hearing from you and sharing in this important adventure and movement.

If you would like to start a Circle, please contact us at the
School for Women’s Mysteries at Krmel via Email.

Meet the Krmel Women/Sisters
The Krmel Team