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Director, Krmel School for Self Mastery. Founder and Executive Director, Krmel Mystery School.
Sandeep is a brother who at 18, lived on minimum wage and learnt to create massive abundance and success in everything by 28. He has been studying and mastering manifestation skills for 28 years.

He has studied, practiced, failed and succeeded and finally distilled, integrated and learnt these secrets. Sandeep learnt further secrets and an elegant creation process from spiritual masters. He wants to share it with you, freely. For he believes that there is unlimited abundance in the multi-verse!

Sandeep synthesized the proven manifestation teachings and practices over the last few years and started offering this body of amazing work to assist others via the
13 Secrets of Conscious Manifestation courses and talks. The students of these courses have been totally amazed by these teachings as you can see in the testimonials

Sandeep’s Full Bio

Sandeep is a cosmic traveler, teacher, old soul, writer, communicator, organizer, planner, visionary, natural leader, meta-physician, light worker, ceremonial/ritual gathering leader, cosmologist, permaculturist, researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, experienced former business leader/CEO, and a large scale complex systems designer/engineer.

Sandeep founded/built/sold a very successful medium sized international computer software/systems company based in the U.S. from 1989 to 2004. During his entrepreneurial life, Sandeep gained substantial experience in creating organizations that succeed in their missions, project/group/business management, legal, accounting, financial, advertising, marketing, sales, graphics/web/print design and capital/investment management. Sandeep’s business interests currently include guiding an INC500 healthcare technology company as the Chairman, and as a partner in a Venture Capital Fund for growth stage companies.

In 2008, Sandeep dedicated his life to serving the divine; to being a vessel for divine flow and using all his past experience and skills to walk his highest path; dedicating himself to self mastery, ascension process and being of service. While he has been an ardent student of many lineages of spiritual wisdom teachings for over 25 years, it was in 2008, after some powerful initiations in India and Mt. Shasta, that he started to see, hear and converse with ascended masters more frequently. Initially, Yeshua/Jesus, Mary Magdalena, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna started working with him. Gradually, he also started receiving teachings and guidance from many other Masters and light beings who are assisting us all in our ascension process on Earth; in these transition times. While he was initially skeptical and questioning everything; after all, his background is in physics, engineering, rational thought, technology and business; he finally surrendered into the divine flow after much resistance, undeniable divine miracle experiences, initiations, hurdles, tests, lessons and growth.

In 2009 and 2010, he went on a life changing spiritual pilgrimage. He studied at a mystery school under a spiritual teacher focused on self mastery skills and application of advanced spiritual technology in the 3D here and now. This pilgrimage took him to visiting, meditating and receiving much information, teachings and spiritual activations at dozens of sacred sites. He visited almost all the temples and pyramids in Egypt; ancient stone circles, sacred wells, waters, ceremonial caves and sacred sites in the Languedoc region and Southern France, Northern Spain, England, the Big Isle of Avalon (Anglesey, Wales), the Small Isle of Avalon (Glastonbury, UK), Scotland, Ireland, Austria, the Big Island of Hawaii, the four corners area in the US, and Mt. Shasta California.

After a particularly powerful initiation at midnight on June 20th, 2010 at the Sphinx, and on the morning of summer solstice on June 21 lying in the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Gizeh, he received clear downloads and guidance that it was time for him to birth the mystery school; appropriate for our current times. That such an effort will not only assist and support him in his personal ongoing spiritual growth, but also that sharing of this process and journey with others, will greatly inspire and assist others in our shared transition and planetary ascension process.

Working with the Ascended Masters and other members of the Krmel Team, Sandeep is currently channeling and co-authoring the "We Are All Masters" multi-volume series of books being prepared to share with the world soon. Sandeep travels globally as he shares proven spiritual technology with audiences everywhere in service towards planetary awakening.

The Krmel Spirit Team


The inspiration for re-birthing our beloved ancient Mount Karmel Mystery School into the new Krmel Mystery School came from guidance received by the earthly Krmel Team from a number of Ascended Masters over the last few years.